EDB Application Procedure

EURING is keen to promote research based on the data in the EURING databank and data are frequently supplied to independent researchers in relation to a wide range of topics. Please remember that EURING member schemes and individual researchers or ringers may also be planning to analyse these data in relation to specific aspects of their own research. We therefore operate a system where individual schemes must approve the release of their recoveries prior to data being supplied. This may take up to a month to complete. Where appropriate please consider whether your proposed research would best be done collaboratively. Many researchers linked to national ringing centres have specialist expertise in the analysis of such data. We would be pleased to provide contacts in relation to specific research topics.

We do make modest charges for supplying data from the EDB in order to offset some of the costs of running the databank (see below). Quotations will be provided on request. Once schemes have agreed to release data, the requester will receive an invoice which must be settled before data are released.

The EDB operates under an agreed set of rules that include the following:

  • Data deposited in the EDB are owned by the contributing scheme
  • Contributing schemes must agree to the release of their data
  • Potential analysts must complete a formal application that specifies the analyses they plan to undertake
  • Data users must not perform unauthorised analyses or pass data to third parties
  • Data users are asked to supply copies of publications reporting the results of their analyses to the EDB
  • Data users must agree to pay fees for the provision of data

If you wish to apply to analyse data from the EDB please read the full rules that are available here.

If you are interested in analysing data please first make an initial enquiry using this initial enquiry form.

After using the enquiry form, you should normally have received a reply informing you how many records are available to answer your enquiry and giving you a quotation for the charge. If you are happy with this reply, and you have the necessary budget and are ready to make a formal application, please use this formal application form.  When you submit the form, it will automatically send an email copy of your request to all the member schemes, who will have two weeks to consider your request.

Thank you for your interest in using data from the EURING databank. 

A logo for use in posters or presentations using EURING data can be downloaded here.

To contact the EURING databank please email edb@bto.org

EURING Data Bank Charges

These charges, except for amateur requests, are per 40,000 encounter records.  A dataset containing 50,000 records would cost twice the rate for 40,000.

An encounter record is a record of one bird on one occasion.  Thus a bird ringed and later found dead will have two encounter records; a bird ringed then resighted five times will have six encounter records.




55 euros - Fixed charge irrespective of number of encounters.

Research Student

110 euros per 40,000 encounters

Academic researcher

330 euros per 40,000 encounters

Commercial work

660 euros per 40,000 encounters


Dorian Moss
EURING Data Bank Manager

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