EURING General Meeting 2021

Every two years we hold a General Assembly attended by representatives from member schemes. These meetings cover all aspects of EURING's work including reports on project results and formal business such as the election of Board members.

The EURING General Assembly 2021 will take place online on Wednesday 6 and Thursday 7 October 2021. Please visit the EURING General Meetings page for further details

EURING Analytical Meetings

Approximately every three years there is a conference on the analysis of recapture and recovery data. These meetings are often referred to as EURING Analytical Conferences and have become an important forum for the exchange of information on analytical techniques and their applications between statisticians and biologists. The scope of these meetings is international and they include studies of other taxa as well as birds. Information on previous meeting and their published proceedings is available here.

The EURING 2021 Analytical Meeting & Workshop will take place in late May or early June 2021, in Quebec City, Quebec, and will focus on the development, understanding and integration of new methodologies in the analysis of ringing data.The meeting will be hosted by Marc Mazerolle and his team.The Scientific Program Chairs are Fraenzi Korner-Nievergelt from the Swiss Ornithological Institute and Duane Diefenbach from USGS/Pennsylvania State University. Further details are available here.

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