Publications using EDB data

This page lists some recent papers based on data supplied by the EURING databank. The list is currently incomplete and will be entered in due course. If you are aware of papers based on EDB data that are not included here please send full bibliographic details to Chris du Feu, the EURING databank co-ordinator by email.

We cordially thank Antonia Albrecht (Germany) for help with literature search.

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Perdeck, A.C. 1982 Bird-ringing in Europe Endeavour 6: 27-33 View online
Perdeck, A.C. 1982 Euring voorkeur soorten (Euring target species) Op het Vinkentouw 41: 15-16 Online version


Mead, C.J. 1973 Movements of British Raptors Bird Study 20: 259-286 View online