EURING General Assembly - France 2022

The next meeting will be held in France, near the city of Nantes, on 4-6 October 2022. We will eventually enjoy a full, in person meeting, with views to the Grand Lieu Lake during breaks ! We will be housed altogether at a cosy nearby residential hotel, enjoying evenings to strengthen links within our community, and catch up with friends.

The programme and papers for the General Meeting are available in the members area. Once you are in the members area please select General Meetings. Here you will also find information on meeting points for those arriving in Nantes and on online access for those who are unable to attend in person. If you work within a EURING Scheme and do not know how to access the members area please contact the General Secretary or any member of the EURING Board. Those requiring printed copies of the programme and papers are asked to print them before travelling, as hard copies will not generally be available at the meeting.

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Given the ongoing widespread occurrence of COVID infections, we will be taking some steps to ensure that the General Meeting is as safe as possible. If you will be attending the meeting please read the guidance below.

Map showing conference location

For delegates and attendants, please, plan to arrive at the housing place on Monday October 3rd for the dinner, and to leave on Thursday October 6th after 5 p.m. (end of afternoon if you plan to join for the excursion, morning otherwise). Exact hours to be confirmed later.

For board members, please, plan to arrive at the housing place on Sunday October 2nd for the dinner, and to leave on Friday October 7th, afternoon. Exact hours to be confirmed later.


  • €300 for delegates (including all transportations from airport to airport, housing, food, excursion, wifi).
  • €550 for board members (including all transportations from airport to airport, housing, food, excursion, wifi).

Payable to the Euring Treasurer

To plan your journey

By plane: search for Nantes airport(NTE) as final destination. For connecting flights, plan 3h15 by plane from Charles de Gaulle airport (Paris) to Nantes airport. The airport is 5 km away from the place where we will be housed.

By train: search for Nantes train station. It is likely that we will ask you to join us at the airport. Connexion is easy with the shuttle bus.

By car: join us directly at the housing place or at the meeting place (see GPS coordinates hereafter), depending on your planned arrival time (see the program, when it will be made available).

More information to help with planning your journey can be found here.

Accomodation and conference venue

We will be housed at the residential hotel Château de la Plinguetière. (GPS: 47.132968, -1.612985). Booking information will be provided later. The place is 5 km from the airport. Breakfast and diner will be taken there.

The meeting will take place at La maison du Lac de Grand Lieu (house of the Grand Lieu Lake, GPS: 47.138762, -1.696551). Lunch will be taken on site.

Transportation by shuttle between the airport and the housing place (5 km), and between the housing place and the meeting place (7 km) will be arranged by the conference organizers and the costs will be included in the registration fee.


COVID-19 safety policy

On arrival at the registration desk, you will be requested to present a certificate of full COVID-19 vaccination or recovered status OR a negative COVID19 pcr-test taken within the last 48 hours.

Before you arrive, and every morning during the meeting before breakfast, we recommend to we all take a COVID-19 auto-test as an extra layer of safety. The tests will be provided for free by the organizers.

If you test positive for COVID-19, please act responsibly and withdraw immediately from the meeting.

Please follow normal rules for safe conduct during the event. Please, wear a protection mask (so bring enough masks with you), and maintain physical distancing. Observe good hand-washing.

These requirements for access to the event may change with the pandemic situation, and may go further than national COVID-19 regulations. Thank you for your cooperation in helping to keep all of us as safe as possible.


For the excursion, we offer you the opportunity to visit the ringing station maintained by the local organizer of the meeting (ACROLA NGO) and targeted at reedbed migrants, known as “Donges”. A one-hour drive by bus will bring us to the place, in the area of Nantes Harbour. It should take a full morning, plus picnic time. The Grand Port de Nantes as offered to take in charge transportation and a welcome drink, so that the excursion should be offered at no supplementary cost (to be confirmed).

Coast at Nantes Saint-NazaireRoute for Excursion


The French ringing scheme (Centre de Recherches sur la Biologie des Populations d’Oiseaux) is coordinating the organization of this meeting, while the logistical organization will be undertaken by the local ringers’ NGO, named ACROLA (given their focus on Aquatic Warbler migration in western France and wintering in Western Africa).

Organization of the meeting will be financially supported by Département Loire Atlantique and Muséum National d’Histoire Naturelle.



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