EURING Bird Ringing Databank Passes the 10 Million Records Milestone

Barn Swallow

The European Union for Bird Ringing (EURING) is proud to announce the 10 Millionth entry to its Databank. The celebrated bird is a female Barn Swallow, captured and ringed with ring number "Valletta 250413" in Malta on 16th April 2011 during spring passage and recaptured alive by a bird ringer near its nest in Ràby in the Czech Republic on 19th June 2011. After routine recording of ring number and various other details it was released.

The EURING Databank is a central, computerised repository for ringing recovery records and holds records dating back over 100 years. Its 10 million records cover 552 different bird species.

EURING has been the umbrella organization of all European bird ringing centres since 1962. This scientific society coordinates and promotes scientific and administrative co-operation between the national Ringing Centres for the development and maintenance of high standards in bird ringing. EURING also promotes scientific studies on birds, in particular those based on marked individuals, and the use of the specific data that only bird ringing can provide for conservation and management. These objectives are achieved mainly through co-operative projects, the organisation of meetings and the collection of data in the EURING Data Bank.

EURING is keen to promote the best use of this unrivalled dataset and welcomes applications to analyse any data held in the EDB. Recent studies related to migration have examined flyways, migratory divides, connectivity, irruption, evolution, phenological changes, moult migration, dispersal of sedentary species and birds as vectors of diseases. Other studies were focussed on survival, mortality, habitat use, and population trends. Data have also been used in various migration atlases and in species monographs. Recoveries hosted at the EURING Data Bank also shown how migratory birds are trying to cope with the environmental effects of climate change. More information can be found here.

Contact: Dr. Wolfgang Fiedler (EURING Chairman) or any national ringing scheme (contact details can be found here)

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