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Columba livia - Rock Dove ( 06650 )
Numbers of Euring ringing recoveries

This page contains a summary of the ringing recoveries held in the EURING Data Bank. The contents of the EURING Data Bank may change, mostly as a result of recent data from ringing schemes. Numbers of records currently held may be slightly different from those quoted here.

Recoveries by Decade

Time period Records of dead
Records of live
<1940 2 .
1940-1949 1 .
1950-1959 15 4
1960-1969 25 18
1970-1979 81 27
1980-1989 60 62
1990-1999 27 25
2000-2009 28 158
2010-2019 2 12
  241 306

All schemes for which there is at least one recovery are listed.

Recoveries by Scheme

Country Scheme Scheme Name Number of dead
Number of live
Denmark DKC Copenhagen 18 8
Finland SFH Helsinki Museum 153 176
France FRP Paris 3 .
Germany DER Radolfzell . 1
Poland PLG Gdansk, Varsovia 1 .
Spain ESI Madrid (ICONA) 6 112
UK & Ireland GBT London (British Museum, Tring, Thetford) 49 3
USSR SUM Moskwa 11 6

All schemes for which there is at least one recovery are listed.

Maps of recovery locations
Note that some records presented on this map may not be currently available from the EDB and some newly received records are not yet shown.

  Records on dead recoveries Records on live recaptures/sightings
Where they were ringed (click on map for larger view)
Where they were found (click on map for larger view)

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